dancing in the streets

I’ve never before seen my fellow San Franciscans, or my generation, so belligerently pro-American. It was an awesome sight to behold so many people dancing in the streets, waiving and wrapping themselves in the American flag, chanting U.S.A. and the name of our next President: OBAMA.

I was moved beyond measure.

dancing for obama
dancing in the streets for Obama
San Franciscan Wrapped In US Flag
celebrating Obama
making noise
all exciting
blocking traffic
the police arrive
policing the party
street party for Obama

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6 Responses to “dancing in the streets”

  1. ken adams Says:

    thanks jesse, whoever you are.
    i am a displaced mission/valencia lover stranded in texas and your photos broke my heart bigtime.

    just rocked my fucking soul.
    thanks for the center of my tear soaked being.
    what a night.

    check out my website:
    i am an experimental artist/digital film maker.
    my stuff is focused on psychedelic/cardiotonic culture.

    peace to you.

  2. Marisa Says:

    Such an amazing night. A true triumph. Tears of joy!!! Followed by one of the most peaceful sleeps!!!

    Finally: PRIDE.

  3. Special T Says:

    Sweet pictures…and great election night result. Except the Obama posters, all the faces here are white??

  4. Glenys Says:

    Hi Jesse, I should have taken pictures too. We were only 15 neighbors in my tiny hamlet in France, gathering to share the joy with their one American. They had followed the campaign as closely as I had. We toasted the end of the Bush years, and just as fervently, the beginning of the Obama years. Hopes are high!

  5. Andy Says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Hey, not all the faces are white … looks like a good time! What a joyous reason to celebrate. I can just imagine the noise … and the laughter … and the hoots. Now the real work begins, eh.

  6. Melissa Says:

    Nice pictures Jesse! Wish I could have been there with you guys. In Boston people went swimming in the reflection pool nearby the Obama campaign headquarters.
    In other news.. I can’t believe that Prop 8 passed.

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